Italian Coffee


At our establishments, we offer the finest italian tasting coffee to our customers to ensure that their expreience is as authentic and genuine as our products. Our coffee blend is an Italian meduim roast originated  from italy, roasted in Australia.

This coffee gets its distinctive sweetness from the way it is roasted: dark, and darker still. Somewhere beyond the caramel notes of our Espresso Roast but short of the smokiness that identifies our French Roast – that is the sweet spot held by Italian Roast. What is created after the coffee cools is a sturdy and sweet blend, potent and intense.

Come join us for a sweet cup of coffee at any one of our stores.

Belgian Chocolate


Back in the 17th century, when Belgium was still ruled by the Spanish, explorers brought cocoa beans from South America and introduced them to the Belgian community. At the time, chocolate was a sign of luxury and was mostly used to make ‘hot chocolate’ for nobility or to impress new visitors.

One of our most popular and useable products in all of our stores is our Belgian Chocolate. Although we have a a variety of variations in cholcate flavours such as caramel, whote, dark and hazelnut, our customers know us for the delicious creamy Milk Chocolate that is drizzled onto all of our sweet desserts.

Our Chocolate will remain in your mind in a little sweet spot.

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