Why Chocolate Is The Key To Happiness​​


Hollywood has portrayed chocolate as the go-to food after a breakup. We’ve seen hundreds of chick flicks showing the inconsolable leading character gnawing chocolates. But what’s with chocolate to deserve this role?

The reasons are backed by science.


In 2018, two studies presented at the Experimental Biology annual meeting showed that consuming high-cacao chocolate can lower stress levels, alleviate inflammation, and improve mood and memory. These are enough reasons to stash Belgian chocolates!


According to the researchers, it was the first time that they studied the impact of high cacao content in regular-sized chocolate bars on humans.


Wedding Cakes Sydney Founder Mariah James says, “The flavonoids in cacao are strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, with established benefits for the brain and heart. Cacao also improves blood flow, which is why you feel more alert after eating chocolates.”


That’s enough technicalities!



No matter where you are, what situation you’re in, or who you’re with, chocolate can get rid of the tension in the air. The love for chocolate is universal, making it easy to start a conversation with a box of creamy milk chocolate.


Some people say that chocolate is so powerful that dark matter is probably made of it too! There’s no scientific evidence for this, but we’re hoping it’s true!



Truffles, pralines, dragées, bouchées, volcanoes, bars….the list goes on!


There are so many ways to taste chocolates, and they come in different shapes and sizes. You’ll never get tired of chocolate because there’s no shortage of creative innovations for this food. For example, Chocolates Del Mondo has created a Pokémon Sundae which is so unique in flavours and colours.


Pokémon Sundae

There are also different types of chocolates to delight your taste buds, such as milk, white, dark, bittersweet, and sweet German chocolate.


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Honeycomb pancakes


While chocolate is often a favourite post-breakup companion, studies also show improved action in the bedroom.


Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a compound that triggers the release of endorphins (happy hormones!). As a result, the pleasure areas in the brain light up and you feel warm and fuzzy. Because of this, consider bringing a box of Belgian chocolates to the bedroom. Or always keep some in your bag because you don’t know when you’ll bump into your crush.



Unlike other foods, chocolate can be consumed any time of the day. No matter your mood or what you had for breakfast, dinner, or lunch, it always pleasures the taste buds. When you’re mad, it’s easier to nibble on chocolate cubes than eat seafood, right? Plus, you can easily keep these in your car, office drawer, or gym bag.


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By Alice Nevin